Masters in Canada

Masters in Canada is being offered at 80 odd Canadian Universities. The Universities in Canada has excellent infrastructure, Research facilities and known to produce world renowned scientists. Canada has inherited a mix of commonwealth and US education at University Level. In some universities Masters in Canada is of one year duration while most of them are like USA and are credit based and extends up to 2 years. With quite few Universities teach in French and also some of the Universities offer only Bachelor Programs, the number of Universities offering Masters in Canada is quite limited. Many Universities receive applications in excess of 100 for each seat. Getting into Masters in Canada even in average University is much tougher task compared to any other comparable University in the World.  Also in many instances the applications processing for Masters in Canada is not centralized in the university and each department may have its own processing of applications.

While IELTS / TOEFL is must, most of the Universities admit students  to Masters without GRE, but looks for very good academics. Good GRE score can help with positive impact on the admission process.  In fact TOEFL score is not viewed very positively at Canadian High commission in New Delhi and good IELTS score plays very vital role in Visa approval. Admission process also can be quite lengthy and sometimes it is as lengthy as 8 months.  While few Masters in Canada is Research based, most of them course based. Research based Masters are bit difficult to negotiate and may take more time depending on the professor compared to Masters by course. As mentioned earlier admission to Masters in Canada could be quite difficult and we do not entertain application below 65% in academics in the Bachelors Degree.  Most of the Universities need honors or 4 year professional degree as entry requirement to Masters in Canada and 3 years degree are advised to take the route of PG Diploma.  Students with lesser academics are encourages apply for PG Diplomas in SPP colleges, which are not expensive and will get same 5 points for Immigration.

At Raj Consultants we understand admission to Masters in Canada and the University admission standards better than anybody else.  Our experienced advisors help throughout the process till you reach the campus. We help in-

  • Selecting appropriate course and Universities.
  • Application submission.
  • Follow up till you get acceptance letter
  • Perfect Visa guidance
  • Pre Departure Orientation.

Here are some of the advantages of Masters in Canada.

  • The cost of Masters in Canada is quite Moderate and many universities offer good funding opportunities for Qualified students.
  • Part time work during the study is allowed both on and off campus.
  • Students can get work permit while on student Visa up to 3 years depending on the length of the study.
  • While doing Masters in Canada students are encouraged to do internship in between the studies. This provides valuable work experience in post qualification Jobs search apart from good Professional salary.
  • Lot of US companies do active Campus Recruitment in Canadian Universities.
  • Masters in Canada will fetch 5 points for calculating the points for PR eligibility.

The following is the comprehensive list of Universities offering Masters in Canada with English as Medium of Instruction.

  • Acadia University
  • Brock University
  • Carleton University
  • Concordia University
  • Dalhousie University
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
  • Royal Roads University
  • Saint Mary’s University
  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Guelph
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of New Brunswick
  • University of New Brunswick, Saint John
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Victoria
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Western Ontario
  • University of Windsor
  • University of Winnipeg
  • York University

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